A Trip to La Siesta

Matt is the oldest of five boys and like I’ve blogged recently, they each have their own personality and character. Mom–Michelle– (actually Matt’s mom, I’ve been unofficially adopted) has said that they were “God’s personal rainbow that He gave her”.  I like that, because it’s really so true! And I’m sure as Matt & I continue on our journey together in this blog, you will meet each of the guys, but this blog is dedicated to #4 – Jason.

Jason is too sexy for his hat. And no, he is not gay.

So, one night back in March, Matt and I are having a quiet meal at the Gondolier. I am enjoying my plate of spinach pie with Gouda cheese and Matt is carrying on endlessly about how good the bread was there. He even went so far as to checking us in on Facebook and declaring that “the bread is so good”. In turn, I checked us in as well, threatening to cram the bread down his throat if I heard it one more time. Naturally, some commented, asking how the bread was (hardy-har-har), and then some were cheering me along on my threat. All was interrupted when Jason finally called us to have us pick him up from base.  Continue reading


Matt’s twin

Michael & Matt (real twins)

For those of you who don’t know, Matt is in fact the older brother of a set of twins. His younger brother Michael could be the spitting image of him, but their personalities–which are quite different–encourage different styles.

Michael is hippie-Matt, as Matt is preppy-Michael.

But just as they are different, they are the same–like any family member. But the twins especially carry a bond that none other can fully understand. I’ve witnessed it between the two brothers. It’s amazing.

But this isn’t about Michael. This is about Matt’s other twin.

**insert cheesy mystery music**

Dinner at Bailey's (l-r: Mel, Kristy, Christine, & Wendy)

Last Friday night–no, we didn’t dance on table tops, take too many shots or kissed and forgot, Katy Perry– but we did hit the strip in downtown Nashville. We started with a dinner at Bailey’s with several good friends and then moved our little party to The Stage. I totally don’t remember The Stage being so lame. When I was in my twenties it was super awesome to just stand around drinking as we listened to a live band. Now I question my 20-year-old brain power. Seven of us crowded around a table fit for two, screaming in conversation over the piped in music (No live band played while we were in there–boo!). It felt quite pointless, like a waste of time. That is until our good buddy, Eric, pointed out Matt’s twin across the room.

**re-insert cheesy mystery music**

Dinner at Bailey's (l-r: Eric, Rayne, gangsta-Matt)

A tad shorter and with a bowl hair cut, this guy was wearing the same get-up as Matt. Pink striped shirt, black sweater, jeans. Granted, he wasn’t as handsome as the Matt we all know and love, but it was quite the funny sight. With Matt in tow, I approached the guy and asked if I could get a picture of the two of them together. The girl he was with instantly began to giggle as she saw the similiarities.

And this is what came to pass…

Matt & his fake twin

Afterward, was Cadillac Ranch and dancing. I did not take part in the dancing, but I did enjoy a quick game of Angry Birds on my cell phone before Matt called me out for being lame. *sigh*

Next week, I’ll fill you in on my birthday adventure. Until it warms up our adventures are pretty much limited to twins in bars and stinky farts in stores. We are planning a super-awesome, 3-day camping trip to the Virgin Falls this May and I can’t wait!

Oh, winter! Hurry on up and get out of here. I’m tired of you.

And,… We’re Off!

The thing about me & Matt is that we have a habit of coming up with brilliant ideas but find that many people don’t see them as brilliant as we do. Quirky, maybe. Goofy, sure. But brilliant?


Mel, Bogey, & Matt (Winter 2010)

Our love/brain child, Bogey, is a prime  example. He’s a Sock Monkey that has my name “Mel” tattooed on his arm, named after the late and great Humphrey Bogart. Matt loves Casablanca and I do, too–I just wish for a more “happily ever after” ending. Anyway, Bogey has tagged along with us through a  few adventures already: A hike, out to eat, to visit Matt’s family in Joplin, Missouri… (Bogey’s bladder made out better than mine in that long trip!) I even have a few costumes for Bogey.

Bogey is cool.

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